Yoga Conference 2017 – A Review

Article by: Patricia Rendell

Why should you attend the Yoga Conference 2018?

Would I return for the next years conference? 

Firstly, before I answer any of these questions, I really think it is worth exploring what just flowed at this years Conference in Koln.

So let’s explore all that was the Yoga Conference 2017.

The event was held from Thursday, 25th May to Sunday, 28th May. The entire conference consisted of, two days pre-conference held over the three studio location from the event organiser, Lord Vishnus Couch. And two days over the weekend at the beautifully spacious, Pullman Hotel in intercity Koln.

Pre-Conference: these event sessions were the pre-curser for participants to get really up, close and personal with some of the special guest teachers and presenters. If you attended these events you were lucky enough to have up to three hour sessions with individual teachers and speakers to really dive deep into topics like Building Business Intensive, Intelligent Sequencing, Alignment Anatomy and Assist, and Bridging the Gap. I attended some of these sessions and really enjoyed the close atmosphere, and naturally the extra time that these sessions provided to go deeper, and to get to know some of the teachers and presenters before the weekend.

Main-Conference: these event sessions was held over the whole weekend, starting with a Opening Ceremony on Friday night to welcome everyone to the event and set the tone for the next two days. The schedule for the weekend was well thought out and planned, there was a nice mix of teachers and topics across each session time slot. One aspect of the programming that I appreciated was having sufficient time in-between sessions, in some cases up to thirty minutes. This allowed you to answer the calls of nature, rehydrate, and grab a healthy snack, have a small chat, or even just take a moment to relax and marinate over the previous session. I attended between five and six sessions each day and I never once felt that I was rushed or that I needed to hurry – this helped to keep my zen about me for the weekend.

This years conference was filled with amazing wonderful, inspiring and diverse teachers. There was a combination of German and English speaking to cater for all participants. Although I observed a lot of the native German participants really getting a good laugh at the Americans way of speaking, teaching and trying a few words in German. Everyone knows the language of yoga and its intent – it does not matter what is your actual native tongue, this conference proved that.

In my capacity as the always chatty Australian girl, I found myself intertwined in a variety of conversations over the four days of both pre and main conference. These interactions included but were not limited to the event organisers, the teachers, the presenters, and a countless number of attendees. I got to know why it was important for them to come and what being here represented or gave them back.

For example the organisers; they long to put together/continue together, an event where a wide variety of teachers from all over the world can come together and share what they have and have learned with a wide variety of like minded people eager to share a space with them. Yoga is their passion and they want to also share this. For the teachers; for some it was not their first time but as a whole they choose to be here to present yoga to the masses, to give the gift of yoga and to bask in the glow and energy of like minded people. Yoga is their passion and they want to share this. And for the attendees; wether they be yoga teachers themselves, or just interested in this concept that is yoga, for some this was not their first year in attendance, but they all came to experience the vibrations from a wide variety of teachers with whom they currently do not have access to, to be and to practice in a space with like minded others equally wanting to share the space with them. Yoga is their passion and they want to exchange this feeling with others.

So what is the common theme between us all, no matter our Yogic level….?? We are all this personification of a yogi, we all want to be surrounded by, inspired by, learn and be thought by those of liked minds. We all come to together to  support, appreciate and exchange Prana, this life force and energy with one another.


What a beautiful concept. What a humbling idea.

It almost goes without saying for me that this event is one I WILL return to next year, and for the forthcoming years.  I also believe that if something in this article reaches out to you and you find yourself nodding in agreement, then this event is completely and absolutely is for you.

Please take note, that from the 3rd November 2017 you can register on line for the Yoga Conference 2018 directly here : Yoga Conference Germany

I look forward to sharing the experience with you in 2018.


A special thank you to all the teachers that travelled very far and wide to all come together in Germany for this sacred yoga event.
And a very special thank you to the tirelessly hardworking team from Lord Vishus Couch. Without all of your efforts of planning, organisations, helping, and the millions of other behind the scenes things need to create and mange such an event, it would not have been the huge success that it was. You all deserve a great big embrace and day off under the warm sun to unwind and relax.


Photos: Hanna Witte

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