Today I fell in Love with Yoga… all Over Again – Danny Paradise

Every once in a while, you get the opportunity to practice with a truly special teacher. You feel it the moment you walk through the door, instinct kicks in and your know you are exactly where you are supposed to be. You’re not sure what drew you to that particular room. was it luck, fate or destiny, who knows. As you begin to practice you realize that you are falling in love with yoga all over again. You leave the class feeling relaxed but energized, fulfilled yet wanting more and above all, you walk away inspired. I have experienced this once before but today at the Yoga Conference Germany it happened again, I fell in love and I fell hard!

IMG_5065Danny Paradise’s approach to yoga and teaching is all love. His desire to share his knowledge comes straight from the heart, reaching every student in the class, no man left behind. With a strong Ashtanga background and a practice rooted in this tradition, you may be surprised by what you get. As I stood on my mat preparing myself for the usual five Surya Namaskars, I was pleasantly surprised when Danny began offering some pretty radical modifications to the Ashtanga norm. His focus on accessible strength, injury prevention, and self-healing can only be described as refreshing.
In our short time together we touched on the shamanic connection to yoga, being a part of the oldest ancestral practice on earth and the profound affect the breath has on our body and practice. This is where the magic lies within Danny’s teaching. He manages somehow to cover the basics whilst introducing the student to deeper themes without them even realizing. I had never thought about shamanism in relation to yoga but before I knew what was happening I was seeing the connections between my yoga we practice and its shamanic roots. Definatly food for thought.


There are several opportunities to practice with Danny over the weekend but sticking to tradition, the Yoga Conference Germany has saved the best for last. Danny will be closing this year’s event with an all-day intensive this Monday where he will explore Shamanism, Evolution, total freedom and of course, Ashtanga yoga. In this more intimate session, we will have the chance to delve that little bit deeper and share in Danny’s yoga love. This really is not to be missed so I hope to see you there!

Fotos: Anne Caspar

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