Terms of Business

Gerneral Terms of Business of
Yoga Conference Germany

1. Policy Scope
Any deviation from these terms requires written permission. The terms of business at hand take precedence over any opposing business terms of the client, henceforth called ‘the participant.’

2. Registration
Registration will be processed according to the postage date. Due to limited space, early registration is recommended. Every registration is a binding agreement. By registering online, the general terms of agreement of the yoga conference germany are automatically accepted. The participant will automatically receive a confirmation which will include the receipt. Payments should be transferred to our account within two weeks following registration.

3. Cancellations and booking alterations
Cancellation is possible in writing at any time up to 40 days before the start of the event. From 40 days before the start of the event, there is no right to a refund of the full event price. Also in case of non-appearance at the event, the entire event price is due. If the participant is prevented from attending, a substitute can be named as a participant for the event.
By registering for the event, the participant accepts the procedures and regulations as well as the payment modalities specified by LORD VISHNUS COUCH.
Written cancellation to

4. Hotel reservation
The participant is fully responsible for hotel reservations and liable to the hotel for settlement.

5. Liability
Participants of the Yoga Conference Germany take part at their own risk. The Yoga Conference Germany/lord vishnus couch GmbH is not responsible for personal injury or for damage to personal belongings.

6. Photographs, audio, and video recordings
Participants are forbidden from making audio or video recordings of the Yoga Conference Germany and all related seminars and courses. However, representatives of Yoga Conference Germany/ lord vishnus couch GmbH are permitted to make photographs, audio and video recordings and to use these for future advertisements. Upon registration, the participant grants permission to Yoga Conference Germany/ lord vishnus couch GmbH to create and use the above-mentioned photographs, audio and video recordings. The participant hereby relinquishes all rights to these photographs, audio, or video recordings.

7. Performance
The teachers/lecturers/performers are responsible for providing their own services. The content, scope, form, topic and goal of their services are described in our brochure, and are thus known to the participant. The Yoga Conference Germany/lord vishnus couch GmbH reserves the right to make changes in program content or teacher/lecturer due to acts of God, illness, accident, or other situations out the teacher/lecturer’s control. The participant will be duly notified of such a case, except if the teacher/lecturer cancels with such short notice that notification is no longer possible. Changes in the program will have no effect on the cancellation policy.

8. Cancellation of conference
Yoga Conference Germany /lord vishnus couch GmbH has a fundamental right to cancel the planned conference. Should the conference be cancelled, participants will be informed in a timely manner, and will receive a refund, minus a ten percent (10%) administraion fee, of the fees they have paid. The participant does not have the right to claim further compensation or reparations.

9. Place of jurisdiction, validity of transaction
The sole place of jurisdiction for any claim ensuing from this contract and its terms of business is Cologne, Germany. The nullification of any one or more clauses in this contract does not affect the validity of the other clauses. In that case, the parties will implement the terms and conditions using an effective substitute provision that comes as close as possible to achieving the purpose of the nullified clause.

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