Sheri Celentano & Johnny Holleran – CHAKRA GROOVES – Pre Conference

Article By: Patricia Rendell

Chakra Grooves took me on a long, deep and personal journey through my body, at its climax had me scampering out of the yoga space and rushing to my Laptop to write down all that I had experienced.

Sheri’s energy radiated from the moment she entered the space and you could instantly feel that this time was going to be both a sacred and transformational experience.

Collectively we offer our invoking chant to Shiva.

The PRE conference session started and we are underway with Sheri sharing her knowledge on the topic of Chakras; the Chakra system, what actually Chakras are, how can they be defined, how can they affect us, and how we can look to re-program ours. It was absolutely fascinating and really opened up a different way of identifying the with your own Chakras and they purpose at different stages of life.

Following this, the group got a chance to go all deep and reflective as Sheri had asked us to reflect or write the reposes to a series of questions in relation to each of the Chakras. This was preparing our bodies, minds, hearts and Chakras system for the next instalment of the journey – the physical asanas.

Now armed with a background, we are gently guided into the next phase, this is Sheri’s baby. Chakra Grooves and it is all about combining her Lotus Flow sequencing with her musical minded husband, Johnny Holleran (and WOW did this make for an amazing flow). A little extra was specialness was added for this years Pre Yoga Conference as Johnny had enlisted some extra talent from Ireland by way of Steve Monaghan and Chris Green with their soulful sounds and vibrating drum beat.

The group focused on specific asanas and we flowed, we danced and we moved for over 2 hours, taking us on this journey from through each of the 7 Chakras. Through the guidance of Sheri and the music, you could feel things shifting, moving and changing, and at some points from me at least it even brought emotions to the surface. It is a powerful way to practice.

So, what comes up must always come down……..  Sheri, Johnny, Steve and Chris all guided us from the very peek at Sahasrara, the 7th Chakra, to take all the energy that we had gathered and now turn that inwards and ground ourselves again. Through a strong closing meditation and an always beloved Shavasana, we are there.

Many, many thanks to Sheri for the such an opening and self exploratory yoga journey. And an extra special thanks to Jonny and his talented musical friends Steve and Chris for creating the groove for us to follow and flow with.


Photos: Hanna Witte

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