Sheri Celentano

Sheri Celentano

Sheri Celentano is Co Creative Director of Laughing Lotus NYC, Director of Lotus FLY and Creator of Lotus Temple Dancers. Feeling incredibly grateful to be able to do what she loves and share it with others, her classes infuse all of her training and practice to create a safe space for people to let loose, shake free inhibitions as well as to challenge themselves on a physical and emotional level. Sheri teaches worldwide workshops, teacher trainings and retreats; Korea, Vietnam, Germany, Holland, Belize and Mexico to name a few. She has been teaching since the age of 15 and holds a degree in dance from the University at Buffalo. She completed her 200 and 300 hour trainings at Laughing Lotus Yoga Center under the guidance of Dana Flynn and Jasmine Tarkeshi as well completing advanced studies with Ana Forrest. From the NYC public schools to international Yoga Conferences, her mission is to help people find courage, strength and compassion for themselves and others, allowing our lives to be lived fully and peacefully.


1. Sheri Celentano & Johnny Holleran – Chakra Grooves & 2. Twee Merrigan – Bridging the Gap

PRE 2 Conference

Fr. 26. Mai. 2017, 10:00 - 13:00 und 14:30 - 17:30
Raum Lord Vishnus Couch EHR

Sheri Celentano & Johnny Holleran - Chakra Grooves von 10:00 – 13:00 Uhr Join Sheri and Johnny for a moving Lotus Flow class coordinating Sheri's Energetic Body and Asana knowledge with Johnny's soulful live music to climb you up the... Weiterlesen

Sheri Celentano - Sh*t Shellac Guts and Hips

MAIN Conference 1. Tag

Sa. 27. Mai. 2017, 11:00 - 12:45
Raum Severinus

Join Sheri for a workshop geared toward removing the gunk we hold in our guts and hips.. literally and figuratively. SO often this is where we hold onto our stuff. We will discuss what these terms mean and then using... Weiterlesen

Sheri Celentano - Move and Groove

MAIN Conference 2. Tag

So. 28. Mai. 2017, 13:45 - 15:30
Raum Severinus

Join Sheri for her signature movement class! This Dance Class is for all people and all levels. We will start with yoga and warm ups to prepare the body, then we take it across the floor with fun energetic dance... Weiterlesen

Sheri Celentano, Twee Merrigan & Julia Weis: Women's Circle - Returning H–om *Open to everyone

MAIN Conference 2. Tag

So. 28. Mai. 2017, 16:00 - 17:30
Raum Jan van Werth

Anything is possible during a sacred women's circle when guided by yoga moms: Sheri Celentano, Julia Weis, Twee Merrigan & special guests. We gather in authenticity, to lend an honest and helping hand, to experience, express, and to bear witness... Weiterlesen