Raghunath Cappo


Raghunath - 6 Pillars of Bhakti Yoga : Ancient Practice to revolutionize your Life

Join Raghunath a teachers teacher, who travels extensively throughout the world teaching the potent practices of bhakti yoga. Transform your life and revolutionize your teaching. Bhakti is connection through the heart and Raghu shares the wisdom of the sages of ancient India as it was taught to him for the many years studying and living in ashrams. (light asana class for each session) ...Weiterlesen
Raum Lord Vishnus Couch BLG10:00 - 12:30 und 14:00 - 17:30English

Raghunath - Ragunath Bhakti Flow and Flight

Upgrade your asana practice as Raghu teaches creative sequencing adding inversions, arm balances and and handstands. Designed for all levels who want to take their practice to the next level. Expect call and response chanting to start and end class while Raghu sprinkles classical spiritual insights throughout in a way thats both fun and profound. ...Weiterlesen
Raum Ballsaal C+D08:30 - 10:15English

Raghunath - Flight School

This is Raghunath’s signature class adding inversions, arm balances and handstands to a flowing sequence that he has been invited to teach around the globe. Raghu breaks down the difficult asanas, and sequencing and makes them approachable for all levels of practice. Expect call and response chanting, Vedic wisdom, new challenges and climbing to new heights. ...Weiterlesen
Raum Belvedere16:30 - 18:15English

Ragunath - Krishna, Bhakti and Upgrading your Life

Explore Mantras, Meditations and Chanting in an intimate Group Environment with practical Understanding of adding Bhakti Practices and Techniques to your Life and Teaching. ...Weiterlesen
Raum Belvedere14:00 - 15:45English

Über Raghunath Cappo

Raghunath tours the world, leading yoga workshops, yoga teacher trainings, kirtans, & the practical applications of yogic philosophy,He annually takes a group on pilgrimage through holy places of India.

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