Octavio Salvado


Octavio Salvado - God is in Your Spine

A Traditional Tantric Hatha Yoga practice to experience the ultimate promise of Yoga – That inside the spine of every human being there is an infinite power connected to the sacred Source of life itself and that through the scientific mastery of Mind and Energy we can enliven this power and weave it into every detail of our life. ...Weiterlesen
Raum Ballsaal C+D11:00 - 12:45English

Octavio Salvado - Kriya Yoga

Kriya Yoga is the evolution of Hatha Yoga. Once the Yogi has purified and fortified the Solar and Lunar channels (Body and Mind) through the practice of Hatha Yoga, the center channel can then be awakened through Kriya in preparation for the arousal of Kundalini. In Kriya Yoga, the awakening is safe, scientific and gradual. It is the ultimate practice for the modern, worldly Yogi. ...Weiterlesen
Raum Jan van Werth08:00 - 09:45English

Über Octavio Salvado

By the grace of my teachers, my mission is simple: to share Yoga with the world in the way that it was intended – as a spiritual science designed to awaken us to our highest potential. Everything I teach is lineage-based, handed down from teacher to student for thousands of years in an unbroken chain of personal transmission. Since I began teaching in 2006, my only wish has been to be serve humanity by sharing this great science and simultaneously honor my teachers and the long line of dedicated Yogis that came before them. I believe that when practiced correctly and with the right guidance and attitude, the potential for Yoga to deeply transform lives is limitless.

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