Julia & Pascal Weis


Julia & Pascal Weis - Acro Yoga Flow – Inhale Exhale Play *For Free

AcroYoga changed our lives and made us travel the world to connect and bond with different communities, cultures and our inner child! We are excited to share our passion with you!  In this session we will give you the full AcroYoga experience and change your perspective 100% by taking yoga poses you know to a whole new level!  This is an invitation to reconnect to your playfulness and take your Yoga practice off the mat and into the air. You will be upside down and inside out, trusting & giving support at the same time.  Leaving the comfort zone of your own mat behind, this practice will blow your mind and leave you with a deeper connection to yourself and the people around you.  Come prepared to be transformed!  No prerequisite and no partner needed, just show up and join us!  ...Weiterlesen
Raum Ballsaal A+B13:00 - 14:00English

Julia & Pascal Weis - Together is better – ACROYOGA for EVERYONE *For free

AcroYoga combines movement, connection and playfulness and takes your yoga practice off the mat and up in the air.  The mindfulness and connection to ourselves that we cultivate in a yoga practice, we get to share in the AcroYoga practice with others. Working in groups you will get to support and be supported a lot. We will explore new poses and ways to express your Yoga with a partner. No matter what your current level or practice is, this will be fun!  Come alone or with a partner, no prior experience with AcroYoga needed.  ...Weiterlesen
Raum Ballsaal A+B12:30 - 13:30English

Julia & Pascal Weis - ThaiYoga Massage – Touch Feel Dance

Always wanted to join a ThaiYoga Vinyasa? This is your chance!  As we learn to dance the flow of ThaiYogaMassage, we explore the basic steps and techniques to touch, feel and listen!  This session will teach you a deeper sense of rhythm and an understanding of the flowing techniques we use to build trust and resolve blockages in ourselves and the partner we work with.  No need to bring a partner, as we will change, and explore different bodies to get a better understanding of the human body!  ...Weiterlesen
Raum Severinus16:15 - 17:45English

Über Julia & Pascal Weis

A playful mix of different traditions, styles and movement backgrounds defines the dynamic, inclusive and precise style of Julia and Pascal. Based upon honest and open communication, the two AcroYoga mentors and Thai Yoga Massage teachers share their enthusiasm for yoga, acrobatics and healing arts in trainings, workshops and retreats worldwide. Julia is a well known yoga teacher since more than 12 years and shares her passion as a traveling yogi. It is the the group dynamics and communication tools of AcroYoga, that caught her attention ever since the first time upside down back in 2007. As an ambassador for strong woman & playful groups, she inspires people to find their own truth and enjoy the process! Pascal is a sports scientist, yoga teacher and an absolute Movaholic, always looking for new challenges, both on a physically and mental level. Traveling the world, sharing his passion and knowledge, he always tries to inspire and awaken the full potential of every individual, blending ancient tradition and modern science. Together, the two not only combine experience and knowledge from different backgrounds, but in particular a wonderful enthusiasm for everything that happens outside the box!

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