Very Special Deal

Registration til 30.11.2018
PRE Conferences: 100 Euro/Day
MAIN Conference: 1 Day: 150 Euro, both Days: 280 Euro
ALL IN: 450 Euro

Early Bird

Registration til 31.03.2019
PRE Conferences: 110 Euro/Day
MAIN Conference: 1 Day: 180 Euro, both Days: 320 Euro
ALL IN: 500 Euro

Regular Price

Registration from 01.04.2019
PRE Conferences: 120 Euro/Tag
MAIN Conference: 1 Day: 210 Euro, both Days: 360 Euro
ALL IN: 550 Euro


Come Together! – The 20+ Tickets-Package

Networking pays off: yoga studios, teacher trainings or simply friends who purchase 20 or more tickets and book both days of the Main-Conference, benefit now from our discounted prices with our 20+ Tickets-Package.
Prices and conditions simply ask:


Note Group booking

The group price will be available for groups also this year (as usual 6 people for the price of 5).

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