Meghan Currie – MOVE FROM LOVE

Article by: Patricia Rendell


Meghan would appear to be somewhat of a Yoga Superstar. During the course of the Yoga Conference, she has had her followings in the main areas and really pulled in the crowds. There was not a class she lead that was not over flowing with excited, eager participates waiting to experience the high vibe – Meghan way of practicing yoga.

But what is the Meghan way? Well it is all about hard work and attention to alignment however it is equally mixed with this wild, free, unscripted side. Is this the perfect combination and what is really bring the yogis flooding to her? Either way I want in! But as i try to find a place for my mat, some 20 minutes before the class, I realise I am about to experience something different from this class.

Meghan appears charming, warm, and a killer laugh to boot, she just appears to be this enormous ball of energy, in a cute compact yoga clothed package. I am wondering now why she would be referred to as the ninja-yoga-fairy……??

Straight off the bat, Meghan ask the group to come off their mats and to all move together towards her as a close group. She opens to idea of this classes topic and explores what this could mean to different people, and asks the group for their feelings. Replies come fast and thick – connecting to the heart, compassion, trust, being venerable, kindness, space, softness, freedom, happiness, awareness, to give, we easily shared by a few. As we dive deeper into this concept Megan simply says:

„The idea and focus of the practice today is to hold space for all the differences.“

The chatter stops and our minds are now focused with the intention.

Meghan gently guides us together through our first seated meditation of the class, and calls for us to focus on using our awareness. And to let our the air through our mouth while guiding awareness around our body, and trying to create space, as much space as possible.

It is unexpectedly suggested that next we will embrace one another, and then another. Meghan playful side begins to show next as we are directed to touch, connect, and move with the strangers on the floor around us.

While the class may start all light and zen, there is no mistaking the ‘Meghan Currie Way’. As we return to our own mats the fun really begins. Meghan has a unique way with her sequencing, it is primarily based core work and hip openers, and can be sometimes brutal, but as it is delivered from this sweet naive sounding little girl, you do it with a smile and you like it. This is not just me, but the whole class. We did it and we all loved it.

A little more of the playfulness side arose after the main sequence as we explored the idea of being a Basketball. This is explored in partners and is Meghan’s fun way of playing with Frog jumps and handstand confidence. Oh boy, did it get the room smiling and laughing though. A light and perfect balance to what we just experienced.

Upon arising from a blissful Shavasana, some strong words from Meghan are echoing in my head;

Acknowledgement for yourself

Acknowledgement for how far you have come, and

Acknowledgement for how much you have grown.


Thank you Meghan for bringing the idea of playfulness back in to our practice and your clear take home message.


Photos: Hanna Witte

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