Meghan Currie - Majesty of Being: Subtle Body Explorations

Majesty of Being is our natural state of rich abundant fuller than fullness where we find ourselves complete and more than enough, cozy and nourished from within. Nourished not from an idealized state of an idea of perfection, but rather, nourished deeply from the precision of each aspect of our life’s circumstances unfolding as is. This workshop is dynamic journey of re-establishing intimacy with aspects of the subtle body through the explorations of breath, fluid conscious movement, nourishing reflection, integrative stillness, profound surrender and sweet meditations; all techniques collaborating to orchestrate our consciousness into the subtle aspects of expression. Essential Subtle Actions - 10:00 - 12:30 (2.5 hrs) Despite wide variations in the external appearance of postures, there is a consistent internal experience that occurs in every yoga pose. This internal “channel” is deeply on with and interwoven to the breath and bandha, and enlivens the pose from the inside out. This internal channel is animated anatomically though an activation of the Deep Front Line. Activating the “dots” (key connection points) of the Deep Front Line generates a rich energetic aliveness in every pose that connects breath, bandha, and asana into one holistic experience. Over time, understanding how these dots and deep lines work together can help you to self-adjust, which creates power and more sensitivity in the practice. Space of Potentiality - 14:00 - 17:30 (3.5 hrs) When spiritual traditions speak of “opening ones heart,” they usually mean opening the front aspect of the heart chakra. The front connects us to the Manifest world, what is literally in front of us, and makes us more open in our heart-relations with the Manifest world. The back aspects of our heart chakra are equally as powerful and important as are the front. They are our connection to the Un-Manifest dimension from which the Manifest world manifests. The back aspects are where we plug into our own source to receive energy and find our roots in our Being. The Un-Manifest World is often spoken of as the invisible, hidden dimension that lies behind manifest world. Its the realm of potentiality, that connects us to our past, our lineage, our ancestors, the collective history of humankind. This journey will be an unfolding of the rich aspects of life from the back space of the body, and an exploration of the effects of shifting from primarily front focus (manifest) to back body (potential). Physically we will explore “heart openers” initiated from the support of the back space. Receiving rather than striving, allowing rather than pushing moving from the power of Being rather than doing. ...Read more
Room Lord Vishnus Couch BLG10:00 - 12:30 and 14:00 - 17:30English

Meghan Currie - Pure Breath

Breath force can be felt, witnessed, experienced and worked with as a healing animating force that awakens dimmed or dulled areas of our body-mind. Areas that have gone temporarily dormant due to simply being unused. This practice consists of light movement, followed by a sequence of breath flow techniques, woven together much like asanas in a practice. We end the practice with a guided meditation to further experience and integrate the effects of this powerful practice. ...Read more
Room Belvedere14:15 - 16:00English

Meghan Currie - Afterglow

A Fluid flowing breath centred dance is a perfect practice to tune and tone all sides of your body, leaving your body purring and after glowing. Flowing rhythmically through a progressive sequence that will tune and awaken your body. Starting from the spine creating mobility, awareness and tone with spinal undulation, we will progress through toning and opening back, front and side body creating an all natural glow from the inside out. ...Read more
Room Ballsaal C+D10:30 - 12:15English

Meghan Currie - Sweet Synthesis

It’s time to get quiet, peaceful, silent, soft, receptive, still. Become tranquil, restful, settled, yielding, unresisting, humble, and simply content. Allow everything to become simple, cool, motionless, neutral, restful, inactive, easy.
After an epic weekend of many new experiences and connections, Now it’s time to rest, chill, untangle and Be.
This class is designed to allow you to integrate and synthesize all aspects more deeply into your being with the combination of yin/restorative poses and yoga nidra.
Your nervous system will slip into sweet deep restoration, inner layers will soften, dissolve, melt and thaw. Tensions disintegrate, tenderize, evaporate, diffuse, liquefy and drain. And you will find your calm as you slow down, unwind, chill out, and recuperate on the deepest level. Come and allow the amalgamation of every amazing ingredient from the weekend to blend into. ...Read more
Room Belvedere16:15 - 17:45English

About Meghan Currie

Meghan Currie is electric, potent, infectious. She is a creator, molding the light and dark within herself into yoga classes and art which are expansive journeys through inner layers. She works with the powerful healing mechanisms of the body-mind, intuiting higher truths, deeper stories, in the service of revelation. There is a depth, an intensity to the experience of each practice with Meghan. Deliciously composed, intentionally sequenced, beautifully fluid; It is a journey through inner layers to heart and to truth. This kind of journey is revelatory, which means it shows you everything; Whatever there is inside of you that you have avoided or forgotten. It is a process of unwinding, as though you were a tangled ball of yarn, each day bringing a new section of yarn to be worked, with love and patience and acceptance. Each day you practice a surrendering to the emotions that rear, and an openness to receive the lessons they offer. Meghan will teach you to tap into your authenticity, your truth. She will show you that at the very heart of your tangled ball of yarn is something very important, some golden thread of wisdom that only you are able to reach, and pluck out, and show to the world.

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