Matt Giordano


Matt Giordano - Teachers Intensive: Masterful Sequencing

A masterful sequence can empower students to reach new awakenings in their body and mind in just one short practice. In this teachers intensive you will learn how to take your sequences to the next level, developing the understanding of what creates the “aha” moments for different bodies in your classes. We will dive into various postures, look at the muscles, bones and joints and create intelligent sequences. I will provide you with the templates and structures I use to create my own classes, workshops and trainings and help you learn how to use it for your self. In this training you will develop what it takes to support your students growth and potential. ...Read more
Room Lord Vishnus Couch EHR10:00 - 12:30 and 14:00 - 17:30English

Matt Giordano - Discover the Joy of Backbends

The back bending practice can be some of the trickiest poses in Yoga, and can seem like either something you just can or cannot do. While some people naturally have more flexibility in an arched position others have to take a more studied approach. In this workshop we will go over techniques that will bring joy and ease to your back bending practice. Those that are less flexible will focus on techniques to unlock tension. Those that have an established back bending practice will be able to take themselves to a whole new level using precision in their approach! ...Read more
Room Belvedere11:00 - 12:45English

Matt Giordano - Handstand

Learning to handstand is a process, abundant with discovery and amazement. Whether this is your first inversion workshop or you are well versed in the art of handstands, brace yourself as we delve into alignment, work toward mastery of the shoulder girdle, and explore acrobatic principles so you can build confidence and manifest a greater sense of balance. You will learn exercises that unify body and mind to create a solid foundation for a lifetime of standing on your hands. As a group we will create a safe and transformative space that will be appropriate and for all levels of practice. Take your handstand practice to the next level! Recommended experience for Handstand! ...Read more
Room Belvedere08:00 - 09:45English

Matt Giordano - Hips: Rock 'em and Unlock 'em

Tight hips can feel impossible to open. No matter how long you stay in pigeon, the next day it’s back to square one. Static stretching alone does not lead to flexibility. Through Matt’s deep knowledge in bodywork, yoga and anatomy, he will teach you how to transform once unyielding hip joints. Learn how to adjust alignment, prevent knee pain and engage the muscles to support the bone structure. This hip opener course will immerse you in the tools needed to access greater range of motion. ...Read more
10:30 - 12:15English

About Matt Giordano

In the words of Matt Giordano’s students, practicing yoga with him is an “epic opportunity.” Be it a flow class, an anatomy-centered course or full day immersion, Giordano’s teaching always contains the element of “workshop”–breaking moves down into small, digestible pieces with precise language and clear, simple demos–so the intimidating and impossible may become doable. Matt ensures that no student walks away without morsels of new and repeatable knowledge. All the while, he maintains a sense of seamless flow, satisfyingly sweaty and detoxifying. It is this uncommon combination of fluid experience and “workshop” techniques that places Giordano among the upper echelon of instructors.

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