Dylan Werner - Myofascial Integrated Yin

This workshop introduces the principles and practice of Myofascial Integrated Yin, a holistic approach to safely and effectively increase flexibility, promote relaxation, and deepen self-connection. In this workshop, we will cover - Physiology of Flexibility - Myofascial Meridians (tension lines of muscles and fascia) - Properties of Fascia (primarily plasticity and viscoelasticity) - Monoarticulate and Polyarticulate stretches - "Tuning" postures to maximize the pose's potential within the focused myofascial meridian - How to apply these principles to teaching and practice. The majority of the workshop will be a lecture, accompanied by PowerPoint and handouts, with interspersed practical application followed by a short Myofascial Integrated Yin practice. Please bring note-taking material, wear comfortable clothes. You will be allowed to take photos and videos during the workshop. ...Read more
Room Lord Vishnus Couch BLG09:00 - 12:00English

Dylan Werner - Fascia Tune Up

The tension of our fascia makes up form, affects our posture, gait, strength, and flexibility, and holds the body in a beautiful state of balance. Unless, of course, we have some imbalance that can significantly affect every aspect of our body. This workshop will move through specific ways of "tuning" the several fascial lines that create the tension, known as myofascial meridians. You'll have the opportunity to learn how to change each asana to specifically target each fascial line, to bring a deeper understanding of the poses and different ways to create a natural balance and restore healthy alignment effectively. This workshop will be a combination of lecture and practice. ...Read more
Room Ballsaal A+B14:30 - 16:00English

Dylan Werner - Horizontal Handstand

Save your banana for your smoothie! Perfect straight line handstand alignment can be one of the hardest things to master when learning how to handstand, and take years to accomplish. The perfect line takes strength, flexibility, and proprioception that is very unique to this specific skill. Learning to hold a straight handstand will increase your hold time, decrease effort, and set you up for even more skills. To learn this, we'll start horizontal, build the muscle memory, understand how to open the shoulders, strengthen the core, and stabilize the body to take this shape vertically. We will move our newfound alignment into some partner handstand exercises. ...Read more
Room Ballsaal A+B08:00 - 09:30English

Dylan Werner - Rainbow Unicorn Magical Mermaid Ecstatic Dream Ride

Embark on a mystical adventure of creative expression and artistic movement guided by deep thumping beats as we immerse in the luminescence of our radiant hearts. ...Read more
Room Ballsaal A+B11:30 - 13:00English

About Dylan Werner

Dylan Werner is a renowned international yoga instructor, author, lecturer, and educator in health, well-being, and mindfulness. His extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology and deep understanding of Eastern philosophy lend a unique perspective to his teachings. A former United States Marine and Iraq War veteran turned city firefighter/paramedic, Dylan left his career to pursue a life of mindfulness, dedicating himself to helping others in their journey toward a more peaceful, harmonious life.

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