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Barbra Noh - Guide and Inspire: The Art of Skilful Language in Yoga

Will be held in german! Teaching yoga is an art that can be continually refined. This workshop focuses on how to guide and inspire students with the skilful use of language. Your voice and your words are your most powerful tool for communication. With your hands (manual adjustments) you can touch and support one student at a time. But with your words (verbal instructions) you can touch and affect everyone in the room. Improving your verbal instructions will strengthen your classroom presence and the ability to connect with and serve students. Your teaching will become stronger and more effective. Your students will have a better experience and progress more easily. Barbra will provide precise guidelines for you to develop your competence and skill in giving verbal instructions and in how to guide students into poses safely and effectively. You will learn the five keys to presenting meaningful and inspiring philosophical themes. This workshop will give you a solid tool-set to further develop your own authentic and inspiring expression as a yoga teacher. ...Read more
Room Lord Vishnus Couch SÜD10:00 - 12:30 and 14:00 - 17:30Deutsch

Barbra Noh - Fierce Flow

Will be held in english. Awaken your “fierce love” - the very energy of Goddess Durga who rides on tigers - and journey to a profound experience of your body-mind-heart matrix. In this class Barbra will lead you through a slow paced, aligned and mindful flow class. Intelligent alignment cues will keep you safe and take you deep. This practice of movement and breath is an opportunity to explore the steady power within. Get ready for the force of the feminine, the power of love, perseverance, commitment and the passion of the heart. ...Read more
14:15 - 16:00English

Barbra Noh - ThaiVedic Heart Compass

Will be held in german. This process is a powerful technique which can be used to change your relationship to any experience in life and quickly shift your perspective to one that promotes health, dharma and prosperity. Before applying the ThaiVedic Heart Compass you must identify a current or past issue. This could be a trauma, stress, or anything which you would like to improve your relationship with. As you use the Compass and move down through the elements, do your best to bring the previous state of consciousness into the next exercise. By moving through the five stages of the Heart Compass, you navigate your way towards a new perspective. Use these questions to align the psychology with the most beneficial mental relationship to life challenges. Ether: What would it feel like to trust, surrender and accept this with an open heart? Some of these steps may need to be repeated multiple times so the state is fully radiating through the body-mind. If there is one word which triggers them more then they may need to focus on repeating that. For example, “what would it feel like to surrender?” Repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, and repeat (e.g. 9 times). Do not attempt to find an intellectual answer. The question is designed to take you out of the mind and trigger a feeling state. Air: What could (or in past tense, have been) be great about this? At this point we fantasize about all the reasons why this experience could have beneficial results. Let the mind run wild and write them down (especially if it is a serious stress). Fire: What may I need to purify and transform about this issue? At this point we decide on a psychological relationship that is not serving us internally, or an external thing which is not serving the benefit of the whole. Just asking the question without a specific thing arising has a mental effect of letting go of what you don’t need. If a specific thing comes to mind, then meditate on transforming and releasing that part of you which no longer serves the whole. Water: How would it feel to embrace this situation with love, and then feel it fully? At this point we fully allow feeling of the emotional content surrounding the issue. Yet because we have positioned ourselves through the previous steps, the emotion is surrounded with love and openness. This gives the emotion less fuel to burn crazy, and encourages the learning of the lesson and releasing of the possibly disease producing emotion. Earth: What small step could I apply right now to anchor this experience into my life? We now perform a specific action which anchors the positive psychological relationship to a direction in our lives. This could be as simple as writing your intention on some paper, or as complex as making the first steps in finding a new home. This process is a profound technique to shift our psychology. Kimmana Nichols, has worked with a psychotic patient who continues to use just the Ether question as it has totally changed her life. ...Read more
18:45 - 20:15Deutsch

Barbra Noh - Dropback Playshop

Backbends are the ultimate heart-opening asanas. If you already practice Urdva Danurasana, learning to drop back into this deep backbend is the next exciting step to explore. In this class we will learn how to integrate the legs to create safety for the lower back, open the shoulders and upper back for deeper flexibility, and develop the confidence – step by step – to do drop-backs and come back to standing. The alignment principles of Anusara yoga lead the way to developing the necessary strength and flexibility to enjoying deep backbends without fear! ...Read more
08:00 - 09:45English

About Barbra Noh

Barbra Noh has been a student of movement her whole life. She is an internationally recognised yoga teacher who loves to share her passion for health, healing and personal growth. An Australian based in Munich/Germany, she travels internationally to teach workshops, offer retreats and present at conferences. Additional to her highly regarded teacher trainings she is also co-founder of the healing system, ThaiVedic Yoga. Barbra found that yoga and meditation changed her life, giving her tools to work with her mind, heal her body and nourish her spirit. She believes the transformational techniques and teachings of yoga empower and encourage us in our quest to sense our worthiness and live our full potential. Her book “Yoga – mit Kraft und Anmut Leben” (Theseus Publishers) was published in 2015. The English edition, “Yoga – A Life of Strength and Grace” will be released in 2019.

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