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Abbie Galvin - Katonah Yoga Body as a House

To be well adjusted, one must consciously integrate all three floors of the body. Each floor expresses different parts of the whole, while housing unique information, functions and efficiencies. The first floor, our lower body, substantiates us, housing our first nature, our ancestry, our stability, our grounding. The second floor, our upper body, potentiates us, housing our second nature, our capacity, our competence, our participation. The third floor, our head, liberates us, housing our vision, our imagination, our antenna, giving us the ability to see all the way around ourselves. This workshop will be spent building the body from the ground up, so as to build a good container that holds up, measures up and points up. Through structural articulation, hands on adjustments and theoretical analysis, we will begin to understand how we can use our form as a functional tool, to hold the elixir of our essence. This workshop will provide an exploration into the three floors of the body and how to consciously integrate them to best embody the whole; exploring how to build the cathedral, to house the spirit. Please bring 2-4 blocks, 1-2 blankets and 1 strap. ...Read more
Room Lord Vishnus Couch BLG14:00 - 17:00English

Abbie Galvin - Katonah Yoga Asana

Katonah Yoga is a fundamentally formal practice, a commingling of classical Hatha yoga poses integrated with theories of sacred geometry that serve to develop stability and dimension, Taoist philosophy to observe and conform to nature’s patterns found in the body, peppered with Pranayama and Kundalini to move breath through the body’s terrain, serving as a conduit between the body and mind to soothe the soul and build an identity. The goal of the practice is to become whole, in order to live a life of integrity and happiness. Please bring 2-4 blocks, 1-2 blankets and 1 strap. ...Read more
Room Belvedere08:00 - 09:30English

Abbie Galvin - Katonah Yoga Body Reading

Learning to read a body via asana work is one of the goals of teaching yoga. Poses are snapshots that show things in the moment. Reading a body, assessing a pose, interpreting where one is heading, is the art of seeing. Poses show propensities of behavior and how personal habits are articulated in the practice. When we are looking at a yoga pose, we reference the ideal form of it so that we have a template, a map, a criteria to look for; shoulders and hips that make four corners (a frame), legs that substantiate it and a head with two eyes that see in every direction. Form that is not functional, that is dysfunctional, is not sustainable. Our work is to transform the personal to a formal form that functions formidably. Please bring 2-4 blocks, 1-2 blankets and 1 strap. ...Read more
Room Ballsaal C+D14:30 - 16:00English

Abbie Galvin - Katonah Yoga Home Practice

A home practice addresses the vision and virtue of personal health, wellbeing and long life. A home practice is a commitment to self-care, a ritualized modus operandi for one’s participation in a technical integration of mind, body and breath. Engaging in a home practice is a way of addressing the manner in which one personally organizes one’s self; developing a determined life, setting goals and following through. Please bring 2-4 blocks, 1-2 blankets and 1 strap. ...Read more
Room Ballsaal C+D14:30 - 16:00English

About Abbie Galvin

Abbie Galvin is the owner of The Studio, a NYC based yoga studio, teaching Katonah Yoga. She has been honing this practice for the past 25 years and has a strong student base from all around the world. Abbie's instruction is informed by her own creative process as a filmmaker and from her exploration of the therapeutic process as a psychoanalyst. She has learned over and over that truly participating in any formal process of self-exploration leads to transformation whether it be physical, psychological or intellectual. Her goal is to engage students of yoga in the dialogue between their conscious and their unconscious selves because it is through that effort that we potentiate ourselves. It is her intention as a teacher to cajole each student in that most rigorous effort to be grounded, to grow upwards, and to participate in the creation of their best self.

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