Save the Date: 14. Yoga Conference Germany Cologne – 31.05. – 03.06.2018

14. Yoga Conference Germany
31.05. – 03.06. 2018

Lord Vishnus Couch proudly presents

14. Yoga Conference Germany –
31.05. – 03.06. 2018
Be the change!

Not so long ago yoga teachers from different styles wouldn’t have been too enthusiastic about teaching together at the Yoga Conference Germany. Not so long ago people would have laughed about caring too much about our planet in a conscious healing way, you probably even would have been laughed at for being vegetarian or vegan.

How good is that – that the world is constantly changing.
How good is that – that we together as organizers, teachers and participants are a part of that movement – since 14 years.

For 2018 we have made some plans about how to take our theme „be the change“ really serious.

If we want to change the world we have to change ourselves.
We’re looking forward to our next event, full house, being part of it, together.

your Vishnus Couch Team



bryan-kest-ycg2017Bryan Kest

„I am very honored to be the only teacher at the Conference that has been invited to every Conference from the first to this one; I travel all over the world teaching yoga, and my favorite place to teach is the Yoga Conference Germany in Cologne“

katchie-pre-conKatchie Ananada

„There is no conference like the one at Vishnus Couch in Cologne. It’s celebratory nature and high vibes are reminiscent of the early 90’s American conferences, before the commerce took over. The students are enthusiastic, the teachers are on the same page and the conference is organized with German precision – a pleasure all around!“


“It was a wonderful feeling to meet again and connect from the heart with the beautiful sangha of students teachers and friends at the Vishnu’s Couch yoga conference. It is always a pleasure to meet old friends, be with the couchies and enjoy the warm welcome and luxury of this hospitable and comfortable hotel. It is also great to make new friends on this path. Thankyou for organising this great event.”

Chris Chavez

“Yoga Conference Germany is the gathering of a family of friends! The energy is amazing and I love being a part of it!”


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