12. Yoga Conference Germany Cologne – 27. – 30. May 2016

Lord Vishnus Couch Yoga Köln

Lord Vishnus Couch proudly presents:


Welcome to the 12th Yoga Conference Germany

The booming German Yoga scene gathers in Cologne once again, welcoming renowned Yoga teachers, curious soul searchers and international lovers of Yoga.

For over a decade the German Yoga Conference has been stoking the embers of Yoga enthusiasts and this year is no exception. With an extraordinary line up of intriguing teachers our panoramic program spans an ocean of inspiration designed to delight and enchant you through music, dance, philosophy and meditation. In short: straight up YOGA.
So what are you waiting for?
Come celebrate our collective creative magic under this year’s slogan:
“Every Little Thing You Do Is Magic”.


Here is some recent Information to download for participants of Yoga Conferene Germany 2016 concerning Check-In, Locations etc…



New: The Conference Light Ticket!

You love Yoga, but you’re new? You’re looking to receive new ideas and meet other Yoga enthusiasts, but are unsure where to start? You’ve seen all the signs pointing to the German Yoga Conference, but the program is a bit too much for you?

Then we’ve got a solution for you: Our LIGHT Ticket.

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Opening Ceremony * for free

Fr. 27. May. 2016
18:30 – 22:00
Opening of the 12. Yoga Conference Germany
Nightflight The formidable Franca at the turntables, atmospheric light art of Ludwig and a sweaty yoga class with Frank – don’t miss it, it’s magic.
Kirtan with Keith Borden

Katchie Ananda Yoga Conference Germany

Pre Conference

Katchie Ananda , Nikki Costello , Aadil Phalkivala

Concert with Fantuzzi

Sa. 28. May. 2015
20:15 h
Inclusive for Participants of the Main-YCG
Charge for others: 18 Euro

Post Conference

Monday, 30. May 2016
Danny Paradise , Tiffany Cruikshank , Stefanie Arend