Jo Phee – Yin Yoga, Functional Anatomy & Chinese Medicine

Jo Phee was someone I had circled early  on my list when hearing about the attendants for this years conference. I have admired her trainings and teaching from a far and was really excited to have the opportunity to get to witness her vast knowledge up close and personal.

Now let me just say – I was blown away!!!

From the very first moment Jo started her teachings, I was enraptured by everything she had to say.

In case you have not heard of of this special woman, let me give you just a little insight into what makes her. Jo is one of the first teachers to be certified as Yin Yoga teacher under the pioneers and Yin Yoga founders Paul Grilley and Sarah Powers.

From a young age Jo was brought up with Chinese Medicine as the primary modality, form here it was a natural progression for follow this as a a traditional form of study. From Traditional Chinese Medicine to Acupuncture Meridians to Medical Quiging to Myofacial Therapy Trainings, Jo’s thirst for knowledge was deep. And it is this thirst has not yet been quenched. She travels the world sharing her insight with students whilst still continuing to seek more for herself.

Jo’s teachings are an interesting and refreshing blend of Western Anatomy with Eastern Medicine and Philosophy.

Our session today was a really special one, it was part of the Pre-Conference, so this meant that it could be a complete in depth workshop with time for practical movements coupled with the sharing and exchange of knowledge.

The morning was for hearing a more in-depth about Chinese Medicines function and practical applications for our day to day lives, was eye opening and refreshing. We all listened intently as Jo explained Chi flows, Meridian lines in the body and how to self stimulate them with ‘Tapping’.

In the afternoon session we were treated with my personal favourite topic, Anatomy! Jo shared some transforming insight with us, that our bones shape what our body will be and what it will be able to do. The concept of the ‘Functionality of a posture vs Asthethics of a posture’ being a focal point.

There are many take aways from todays pre-conference session, I have a note pad full, but one part that sticks with me is the concept that, ‘You are not the picture in the book/magazine cover or instagram’. Taking this idea of looking and feeling deeper within your own body for the way you need to do and feel the posture – FOR YOU!

If you are interested in the world of Yin Yoga and a merging of Western and Eastern worlds, please make sure that Jo Phee is marked on your schedule. She will teach at the main conference a total of the three classes:

1. Saturday 02.06 – Yin Yoga

2. Sunday 03.06 – Acu Yoga

3. Sunday 03.06 – Yin & Myofacial Release

Article by: Patricia Rendell

Photos: Hanna Witte

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