Jasmine Tarkeshi – Flowetry – Teaching from your soul

Jasmine is the co-founder of Laughing Lotus and if you are familiar with lotus, than you know it is all about family. So she starts the morning with introducing herself to each and every person in the room.

The class is sweaty and fun and is themed around being able to offer to our students, what we as teachers are bringing to the table. Following the motto: Better to suck at your own dharma than to perfect someone else’s. Jasmine encourages us to be our true authentic selves.

An article by Nadine Rungaldier


After sweating for a full two hours practice in the morning, the afternoon is themed around how we can stay true to who we are even within real life. As an example: Krishnamacharya taught both Pattabi Jobs and BKS Iyengar and yet they still developed completely different yoga styles based on their own studies and their own dharma.

Jasmine hands out worksheets, explaining LotusFlow and how to work out an entire LotusFlow class, starting with the dharma talk, which purpose is threefold:

– To have an intention/ sankalpa

– To encourage and inspire students to return to the practice (over and over again)

– To cultivate community (kula)

“Because what is your competition? It’s not the studio next door. It’s Netflix!“

Following the LotusFlow Mantra: „Set it up to set it free“ we are then invited to use the printed work sheet to sequence our own LotusFlow class. Which we then shared in small groups, Ending the day with our creative transitions from warrior 1 to warrior 2.

Jasmine wins you over with her warmhearted, open and fun personality. She is teaching two more classes during the main conference.

Photocredit: Hanna Witte

Compiled by our blogger Nadine Rungaldier. Here you can find her Instagram page:  naruco.yoga

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