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Exciting Times

Getting through winter is all about having something to look forward to, such as a nice trip, visiting friends or a MASSIVE YOGA EVENT!

With the Yoga Conference Germany only a few months away, I have to admit that this is my light at the end of a long, dark winter tunnel. The thought of a long weekend packed with world-class yoga is enough to brighten up anyone’s day and I have the lucky task of blogging for this year’s event.

The Business of Yoga

As a yoga teacher, blogger and studio owner, this year’s pre-conference is an absolute gem as it covers the very useful theme– the business of yoga. Combining yoga and money can be a touchy subject and something that is not always discussed out in the open. As yoga teachers, we stand on a very fragile border between sharing a practice we love and making a viable living. This can often lead to a lack of confidence when we start out. All of us were new to the yoga business once, holding our shiny new teaching certificates in our hands whilst wearing a ‘what-the-hell-do-I-do-next’ expression on our faces. We ventured out into the big bad world of business as new teachers and hoped to stay afloat amongst a sea of equally qualified and talented yogis. We all struggled to find ways to stand out from the crowd.

ava taylor yogaconferenceSooner or later we begin to realize that in order to be a successful yoga teacher we have to start thinking of ourselves in a business way.  Nobody likes the idea off selling yoga but it is important to realize that it’s not the yoga you are selling, it’s your time – and that is priceless. Asking for help is also invaluable and there is help out there, you just need to know where to look.

Business coaching has been around for a while and is extremely popular in the U.S. Applying the same principles of business coaching and mentorship to the yoga industry is a bold but ingenious concept. Only a few have had the smarts and know-how to apply this to the yoga world and Ava Taylor belongs to that select group. This incredible boss lady combined her love for yoga, industry experience and business savvy and created Yama Talent, an agency that represents those in the yoga business, helping them reach their full yoga potential.

The Catalyst: Business Building Intensive

This pre-conference workshop will be an interactive business building intensive and is the perfect opportunity to help you assess your business goals and work toward implementing a clear and directed strategy to success. Ava has over a decade’s experience of working with leading yoga teachers, studios, and brands which has propelled her to the top of the list when it comes to looking for support in building a successful yoga-related business.
Ava’s workshop aims to inspire all those working within the yoga sphere to do more with their already existing ideas. Building confidence to take your business to the next level is key. During the intensive you will assess and address your current business’s strengths and areas of opportunity. Alongside other yoga business owners, you’ll share strategies and resources on how to make simple shifts to get you more of what’s working, and less of what’s not. As a group you will finally discuss different business strategies in the yoga space, and how to determine if these strategies are right for you to pursue. A Q&A session will follow.


The Important Stuff

Business coaching is an incredible tool that not enough yoga teachers and business owners think to use. If you are serious about your yoga business then I couldn’t recommend this intensive enough. Come join Ava on May 25th at 2 pm in Cologne and don’t forget to book! All you need to do is visit https://www.yogaconference.de/ for this year’s full timetable and ticket sales.

See you there!

Katy Scherer

Katy Scherer is a yoga teacher, blogger, studio owner and Lululemon ambassador based in Bonn, Germany. There is nothing Katy like more than to share her LOVE for yoga with the world and consider herself the luckiest girl in the world for having the job of her dreams.
You can find her teaching at The Vinyasa People studio and on her blog, Home Is Where The Mat Is.

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