BE THE CHANGE – 14. Yoga Conference Germany

Most of us out there love a good celebration and vibrant get together, a place where you can share your common interests, thoughts and feelings. A place to connect, to share and exchange your ideas and passions. Most Yogis – are no different. And the perfect place for us to share in all these elements is the 14th Yoga Conference Germany.

Article by: Patricia Rendell

The Yoga Conference Germany (YCG) is a long standing, Internationally welcoming event thoughtfully put together by the team at Lord Vishnus Couch (LVC) Cologne, Germany. YCG takes place at the end of May and runs over four days (Thursday through Sunday), with two days of specialised pre-conference events at the tranquil LVC studio spaces and two days of the main conference events held at the beautiful and spacious, Pullman Hotel in intercity Köln.

The team from LVC plans and searches out a variety of highly qualified, experienced and passionate Yoga teachers from a diverse background to share their enthusiasm and teachings with all participants. And lets face it – it is basically all about the teachers coming, teachers that you have seen or heard of over social media or just throughout the Yoga community and have not yet been able to practice with but, long to experience their energy and learn from them. Each year the caliber of teachers on offer is exceptional and provides something for every taste and interest. I, already have  my favourites selected and highlighted on my program for this years conference.

OK, so now that you have some of the basics underfoot – the next most important question is what can you personally expect from attending such an event.

I can say, with first hand experience that this event with its caliber and collection of teachers, officials, organisers and like minded bodies, make for a magical four, three, two or even one day experience for each individual. There is so much that you are able to grasp and take away from an event such as this. Of course, naturally there is YOGA, our primal love and primary connection, in all of its many forms and varieties. There is Yoga that you can learn and grow from. You will learn how to deepen your connection, you will learn how to look at your practice in a different light, you can learn how to master that backbend or handstand posture that have been stumping you for the longest time. You can learn how to hold and keep space with others, meet new and incredible other people, you can have many new experiences, make new friends and also share in some delicious food during your time here. The Yoga Conference Germany, unequivocally has something for everyone and that everyone can take away from it.

This event manages to brings together teachers, styles and disciplines, that previously may have been though ‘Taboo’. It is the catalyst for showing change, love and acceptance for who ever you are are what ever you believe and feel passionate about.

All successful events need to have a theme or a catch phrase slogan that embodies the dynamic and set the attitude for the duration.  

                                                                     ‘ BE THE CHANGE

Three seemingly basic words from the English Language but when they have been put together, and in this specific order, they conjure strong emotive feelings and set a real precedence for the tone of the Yoga Conference this year.

Last year was my first time attending the Conference and it was a really fun filled four days. If you would like to read a little more about my experience then please check my previous article, Yoga Conference in Review 2017.

Lets end with a quote to leave you pondering deep thoughts as you scroll and click to secure your tickets for this event, “If we want to change the world we have to change ourselves” ~ Lord Vishnus Couch.

I am looking forward to being and sharing space with you all in the next weeks.

The most Important part of all of this post is that you now follow the link for this years full timetabled schedule and secure your tickets to experience it your self; https://www.yogaconference.de/anmeldung/

See you on the Mat 

Photos: Hanna Witte


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