Ava Taylor – THE CATALYST – Pre Yoga Conference


Article by: Patricia Rendell

ava taylor yogaconference

WOW!! What an informative and empowering way to finish up Day One of the Yoga Pre Conference.

‘The Catalyst: Business Building Intensive’  as it was appropriately named, was this afternoons time slot for Ava Taylor the creative power behind Yama Talent.

I, naturally had developed an expectation of what was to be presented, but I really feel that the personal experience and knowledge from Ava spoke LOUD volumes, not just to me but also within the group.

Ava began our session by sharing with the group an insight into her work and business journey to the present day, she was honest with her trials, tribulations and triumphs.

Having worked her career in the USA directly in the yoga and health-fitness scene, Ava was adequately able to present trends specific to Yoga Businesses and display a prediction for what Western Europe will be likely to experience in the next 5 years. This was a real game changer and  is information that can greatly give us a helping hand with the way we are directing our business goals for the intermediate and short term.

As a group we were continually encouraged to look at our business models (current or impending) and make an ‘assessment’ of the strengths and areas for opportunity. From here compile strategies to subtle shift the business in a better directional path. And not just once – this is something that as an entrepreneur you should continually revisit. And kept the floor open for discussions related to her business model specifically and for all questions.

This space was a great chance for a group of members in all different areas of the yoga business world to get interactive and come together; to brainstorm, build, and to share these ideas and experiences.

Many thanks to Ava for the incredibly insightful information. I am walking away with a new confidence, clearer vision and a lot of inspiration to all be channeled and used from this moment forth.

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