11. Yoga Conference Germany 2015 – 29. May – 1. June 2015

Lord Vishnus Couch Yoga Köln

Lord Vishnus Couch proudly presents:

Welcome to 11. Yoga Conference Germany

Renowned and inspirational big names in Germany’s international and booming Yoga scene join forces in the heart of Germany once again, to celebrate life at the Heart Conference.

For over a decade it’s been Europe’s paramount venue for all Yoga enthusiasts for unforgettable impressions, exponential growth and ecstatic jubilation.

The line up has expanded once again and the program is packed with a smorgasbord of Yoga styles, asana, philosophy, music, breathwork, meditation, loud as well as soft moments, simply – PURE YOGA.

Come and join the celebration!




Concert with JayJay

Sa. 30. May 2015
21:00 – 22:30 H
Inclusive for Participants of the Main-YCG
Charge for others: 18 Euro

Featuring Ryan Leier

Participating this years’s Yoga Conference!

Opening Ceremony * for free

Fr. 29. May 2015
18:30 – 23:00 H
VishnuBeatz with Nicole Bongartz & DJ Timmy, afterwards Concert with Ganapatis Groove


Post Conference

Monday, 01. 06. 2015
Kino MacGregor, Biff Mithoefer,  LuNa Schmidt

Pre Conference

Pre Conference

Max Strom,  Barbra Noh,  David Lurey & Mirjam Wagner



Laughing Lotus Super Sequencing

50 hrs Training
with Laughing Lotus Founder Dana Flynn and Senior LL Teacher Mary Dana Abott
More Information coming soon!

Closing Ceremony

Closing Remarks, Kirtan with David Lurey, Performance by….tba.